Our TK-8th program at Jesus Life implements academic and Spiritual excellence.

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Jesus Life Academy is a program that partners with families in order to educate students in all areas of academia in a Holy Spirit led environment. Our desire is to come alongside families in the educational development of their children through instructing them in a way that employs each academic content area to further understand, participate, and contribute to the world God has created.


Through offering courses in all content areas, this program provides opportunities for parents who are seeking academic support for their children in grade-level requirements as outlined by the State of California. More importantly, the goal of Jesus Life Academy is to provide learning that will equip each student to live a life modeled after the character of Jesus.


At Jesus Life, we implement educational content that reflects and enforces a rational Biblical Worldview. Through the lens of that Worldview, we actively pursue to prepare students to navigate current events and societal norms through critical thinking and faith. Academic rigor is embraced with the use of California Common Core standards in conjunction with biblical truth.

Biblical Literacy

Students will be educated in scriptural doctrine and theology. Comprehending scriptural truth enables students to be centered upon the reality that Christ has created for mankind.

Spiritual Activation

Students will be equipped to understand and interact with the constant movement of the Holy Spirit. The willingness to participate with the leading of the Holy Spirit will empower students to walk in their God-given calling.

Practical Ministry Training

These leadership classes will focus on educating, encouraging, and promoting specific functions that are implemented to fulfill the Great Commission. Students will be trained in the practicalities and skills required to edify the body of Christ.

Academy of the Arts

We believe God has called us to use creative arts to proclaim the Gospel message. Through Jesus Life’s Academy of the Arts Classes, students will encounter Jesus and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to communicate the Father’s heart through the arts such as: drama, music, dance, and visual arts.

Visual Arts

At Jesus Life, students engage in visual arts for the purpose of glorifying God and proclaiming the Gospel. Through classes in painting, sketching, drawing, and sculpting, students are equipped to use visual arts to impact the nations for the Kingdom of God.


Students at Jesus Life are trained in the artistic expression of drama to bring the biblical narrative to life. Through excellence in expression and characterization, students bring the Gospel message to life bringing truth and transformation.


Students at Jesus Life learn to apply the techniques of movement and dance in a Holy Spirit led environment. Through the art form of dance, students learn to express the Gospel message without words.

Jesus Life is truly a blessing for our family!! Our daughter is flourishing, she is so well rounded. She is thriving both academically and spiritually in the house of The Lord through the guidance of wonder teachers/principal. Thank you God for Jesus Life!

"Jesus Life is an amazing school with great teachers who are passionate about the students! The quality of academics and the arts are beyond words. Since our child transitioned from a Pre-K program to Jesus Life she has excelled both academically and spiritually. We are truly blessed to be a part of Jesus Life!"

I just can feel the power and intimacy of our teachers and students. They KNOW their students and have continued to press in deep for their education and have proven to be dedicated to being true helpers and mentors and teachers during this time.

As a freshman in high school, my son attended the leadership class at Jesus Life. Throughout the class, he was inspired spiritually to grow in his faith and live it out. He was also challenged academically to do his best work unto the Lord. The class was practical in equipping him for ministry! I am very grateful for his teachers and for the opportunities he had to learn alongside like-minded students!

As a volunteer at Jesus Life, I was extremely impressed with every aspect of the school! The administration and teachers are student-centered; they are always looking for opportunities to encourage the students to do their best (spiritually, academically, and relationally). The curriculum is rigorous and individualized. The teachers work with students at their readiness levels and provide differentiated instruction. The students are respectful of the adults, other students, and their environment. They all demonstrated an eagerness to learn and grow! Love for Jesus is evident throughout the school from the administration, to the teachers, to the students, to the volunteers, everyone seeks to love God and each other!

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